Powerlines Plus were engage by Rio Tinto to conduct works inside the Paraburdoo Substation which included installation of civil and electrical works to upgrade the existing 220kV Switchyard to meet modern standards.

The works included to decommission and remove obsolete equipment from Paraburdoo 220kV substation and replace with new. This work included the erection and alignment of equipment and connection of supplies, controls and indications.

The work was required to be carried out with the minimum disruption to Rio Tinto’s electrical network. Outages were only taken on the 220kV network only for duration of work on the primary system. Much of the work on the secondary system took place with the 220kV system live.

As the Contractor we were responsible for all work to connect and label all earthing, secondary, power and telecommunications cabling into the relay room equipment, between relay room equipment, into the marshalling boxes, line matching units and into the mechanism boxes. This work will include the installation of cables, and marshalling boxes. All cable work is low voltage, there is no HV cable termination work in this scope.

An outage of the Paraburdoo to Tom Price 220kV was undertaken to perform the primary works. We mobilised more than 25 personnel to complete the works within the 36 hour outage.

The works completed inside the outage included, installation of the new Relay Room including lighting and antennas, replacement, modification and alignment of earth switches and isolation switches, removal of current transformers, circuit breakers, and post insulators. The replacement of new equipment included motorized earth switches and motorized disconnectors.

The project was completed safely, cost effective and the 220kV network was turned on well within the required timeframe.