Developed by Bright Energy Investments, the proposal is for the construction of 51 Wind Turbines each up to 152m high. The site is located 15km north-east of Warradarge, Shire of Coorow and Shire of Carnamah.

Powerlines Plus has been awarded the design and construction of 10.5km of 330kV Transmission Line to connect the project to the state grid. Powerlines Plus was able through its vast experience, design the Transmission Line to be constant with the project ethos to the environment. By use of poles rather than towers the impact on the cadastral area was greatly minimised. This was not only to benefit the environment but also the local farms which crop the area in which the Transmission Line traverses.

The works compromise the following stages;

  1. Design and Procurement Stage
  2. Clearing, Surveying and Setting-Out Stage
  3. Foundation Construction Stage
  4. Pole and Tower Erection Stage
  5. Stringing and Cut-In Stage
  6. Commissioning and Handover Stage

PLP are currently in the ‘Stringing and Cut-In Stage’ with recent successful completion of the 132kV Transmission Line Bypass Cut-In from the Midwest Dual Circuit Transmission Line.