Yandin 330kV Terminal Switchyard Contract commenced site works in late May 2019. The completion of this Contract will facilitate Western Power being able to switch the 330kV Yandin 210MW Wind Farm on and off the Transmission Network.

The Terminal consists of over 150,000 tonnes of sand fill and 1000 cubic metres of concrete. Tying into the existing Neerabup to Three Springs Transmission Line, the location of the Terminal has been carefully thought out to ensure minimal impact on the environment, utilising existing cleared areas. Powerlines Plus was able to work with Western Power to create a very expedited schedule to ensure we meet the tight deadlines.

The primary works breakdown comprises the following;

  1. Major Earthworks;
  • Clearing
  • Dewatering
  • Drainage
  • Topsoil Stripping
  • Import fill material and compact (up to 2.8m high)
  1. Civil Construction Works;
  • Foundation Installation
  • Cable Trench Installation
  • Earthing Installation
  • Building Control Room (steel frame and precast concrete tilt panel)
  • Steelwork Installation
  • Soak wells, Septic and Potable Water Tank Installation
  • Mechanical and Electrical Systems Installation
  • Security Infrastructure Installation
  • Boundary Fencing Installation
  1. Structural Works;
  • Supply and Install Primary Steel Structures
  • Supply and Install Strain Structures
  • Substation Cabling and Conduit Installation
  • Substation Lighting/Lighting Protection Installation
  1. Security Works;
  • Installation of Security System Hardware throughout
  • Installation of the conduits and cable infrastructure
  • Installation of Security Cameras
  • Interconnecting the access gates, fire system and general switchyard operations into a remotely operated state of the art security system
  • Commissioning of the Security System

PLP have successfully completed all stages of the works to date with only the site surfacing aspect of the works remaining. PLP successfully completed the works to date without a major incident which is a credit to our dedicated teams